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From Education to Industry: Musitechnic’s Pathway to Audio Excellence

Unleash your potential at Musitechnic, a leading sound engineering school in Canada, where audio engineering meets innovation. Our immersive approach redefines traditional education, propelling you into the heart of the audio industry.

Discover the art of sound recording, music production, and sound design with industry experts who use tools like Ableton and Protools. Our hands-on experiences are enhanced by immersive extracurricular activities and ongoing internships that steep you in the world of audio production. Our comprehensive guidance empowers you to master recording techniques, paving the way to becoming a proficient audio engineer.

Join our creative community and explore diverse disciplines, from music creation, sound design, audio mixing, mastering, post-production for films to audio integration for video games.

In addition, Unica College (known as Musitechnic) is a Steinberg Certified Training Center and a WWISE Certified Training Center.

Unica College (known as Musitechnic) is also a certified Avid Learning Partner (ALP).

Modern studios and labs

Unlock mastery through practice. As a student, benefit from free access to our 8 studios and 3 labs from Monday to Saturday. Elevate your skills as an audio engineer with Musitechnic – where education meets hands-on innovation.

Audio Engineering School Studio

5 Digital Studios

Empower your sound production journey. From recording to mastering, our 5 digital studios feature 24 and 32-track consoles, 5.1 systems, MIDI controllers, DSP processors, and premier plugins like iZotope, Soundtoys, FabFilter, and more. Elevate your skills at our top-tier sound engineering school.

Mixing Techniques Engineer

3 Analogue Studios

Foster creativity in our 3 analogue studios. Equipped with 24-input consoles, effect racks, and comprehensive recording and mixing tools, amplify your potential. Access gear during classes and personal time for all your projects at our sound engineering school.

Ableton Audio Production

3 Labs

Our 3 labs offer 45 workstations each equipped with an Imac, a Roland SH-01 Gaïa synthesizer, a sound card and a multitude of software, plugins and virtual instruments.

All our workstations have the same software & plugins. Over 235 are installed including the most known of the industry.


The school program is very “vast”: audio recording, audio-on-picture integration, composition, mixing techniques.

Alexandre Messina- Alumnus

The school offers active students the opportunity to do internships in various audio fields to provide us with experience.


The courses are very varied and exciting, the teachers are competent and they are professionals in their respective fields.

Filipe Da Costa - Alumnus
Recording Audio Canada
Music production recording school
Recording Techniques Music Engineer

Industry-standard partners

Musitechnic Avid Learning Partner
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