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Audio & Music Production school in Montréal

ACS – Recording and Sound Design

Are you dreaming of making your own album? Mixing sound for live shows? Creating sounds for movies or  games? Or even integrating audio into video games?

Then you are dreaming of a career in audio! A vast and very dynamic industry. 

Musitechnic offers a complete training on the multiple specialties of audio, in state-of-the-art facilities, given by active industry professionals. (16 intensive months)

  • Sound Recording
  • Mixing Audio, Music, Television, Film 5.1
  • Computer Assisted Sound Design
  • Music Production
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Editing for Film and Syncing to a Visual
  • Audio Integration for Video Games
  • Radio Production
  • Live Sound


Our grads are working on projects such as:

Modern Studios and Labs

Nothing better than practice in order to master your new skills. During your training you will enjoy free access to our 8 studios and 3 labs from Monday to Saturday to create your academic and personal projects.

3 Analogue Studios

Our 3 analogue studios are equipped with 24-input consoles, effect racks and all the tools needed for recording and mixing. The gear is at your disposal during your classes and on your personal time for all your projects!

5 Digital Studios

Whether for recording, mixing, post-production, video games or mastering, our 6 digital studios have 24 and 32-track digital consoles, 5.1 systems, MIDI controllers and DSP processors, a full line of dedicated plugins including UAD, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, etc.

3 Labs

Our 3 labs offer 45 workstations each equipped with an Imac, a Roland SH-01 Gaïa synthesizer, a sound card and a multitude of software, plugins and virtual instruments.

All our workstations have the same software & plugins. Over 235 are installed including the most recognized in the industry.

A video tour of the school

A large program

The school program is very “vast”: audio recording, audio-on-picture integration, composition, mixing techniques.

Alexandre Messina- Graduate 2016


The school offers active students the opportunity to do internships in various audio fields to provide us with experience.

JULIA BORES – Graduate 2017

Methodology of work

Very interesting courses and encouraging teachers. Musitechnic brought me a methodology of work and a confidence in me in the audio.

Serannes Matthieu - Graduate 2017

Varied and exciting

The courses are very varied and exciting, the teachers are competent and they are professionals in their respective fields.

Filipe Da Costa - Graduate 2016

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Find out more about our training and the audio profession.The Musitechnic team is here to answer your questions!

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