Here is the result of a great collaboration between Musitechnic and L’ Inis thanks to the  Adésam (Association of Graduate Schools of Art Montreal).

These three short films were first made by writers, directors and producers and then with our students who have worked for a couple of weeks in Musitechnic studios. A very rewarding experience for everyone. They learned how to give life to emotions through sound, atmospheres …


Writer : Luis Molinié
Director : Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford
Producer : Johannie Deschambault
Musitechnic team : 
Editing and sound mixing : Catherine Tremblay
Editing and sound mixing assistant : Stéphane Lorello
Editing and sound mixing assistant : Arthur Gaumont Marchand


Writer : Camille Trudel
Director : Kevin Landry
Producer : Sophie Ricard-Harvey
Musitechnic team  : 
Editing and sound mixing : Mathieu Maillé
Editing and sound mixing assistant : Julien Françoise
Editing and sound mixing assistant : Myriam McSween

Demain et l’autre d’après

Writer : Clodie Parent
Director : Francis Lacelle
Producer : Charlotte Beaudoin-Poisson
Musitechnic team : 
Editing and sound mixing : Stéphanie Fréchette
Editing and sound mixing assistant : Damien Tardif
Editing and sound mixing assistant : Émilie Aubin



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