1) Brainworx: bx_digital V3 EQ


Brainworx bx digital v3

At first glance this plug-in may seem somewhat counter-intuitive but it’s effectiveness has been proven and this tool is now being used in the chain of effects by the best techs out there. To operate it there are two options, M / S and L / R. To control the sibilance, rather than just de-esser, they use a transparent dynamic equalizer. The frequency response extends up to 40 kHz so it’s possible to add air, shine and sparkle to a mix. The Mono-Maker offers absolute control over the punch and low frequency stability in the center of the sound image. Special mention to the Stereo Width which is a great way to expand the sound image.

Brainworx plugins can also be purchased in a non-UAD version (so without the need for dedicated DSPs) on the Plugin Alliance website.


2) Chandler Limited’s Curve Bender EQ (Softube)

Chandler Limited / Softube

Chandler curve bender

Based on the EMI TG12345 Equalizer from Abbey Road Studios, a classic that has shaped Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon albums and Beatles’ Abbey Road, this emulation has been very successful. A great way to add tonal character and retro flavor to a project without compromising the clarity and punch of a modern recording. A powerful tool for filtering bass that is below the audible spectrum or to increase the presence and aggressiveness of a mix in the mids. The ability to treat the left side and the right side differently adds a lot of width to the sound image (remember to disable the LINK CHANNELS button).

The Chandler Limited Curve Bender can also be purchased in a non-UAD version (so without the need for dedicated DSPs) via Softube directly or one of the official resellers like Plugin Boutique.


3) Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills ind. / Brainworx

Shadow Hills Compressor UAD

In mastering, it is not uncommon to integrate two compressors in series to control the dynamics of a song. This compressor integrates, in the same unit, two steps to control the dynamics. It’s 2 to 1 in a way. An optical circuit and a VCA circuit. Ultimately the compression may be either transparent or more colored. Three options are available: Nickel, Iron, and Steel. So three virtual electrical transformers that all offer unique distortion and different dynamic control.

Brainworx plugins can also be purchased in a non-UAD version (so without the need for dedicated DSPs) on the Plugin Alliance website.


4) Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2

Oxford Plugins (Sonnox range)

Sonnox oxford limiter UAD

In the field of digital audio limiters are essential and prevent unintentional clipping. They are essential toosl to increase the loudness of a recording and this limiter is very versatile in that respect. It includes a section for manipulating the timbre and a section dedicated to dithering. The strength of this model lies in the flexibility with which it controls transient peaks. This limiter works without destroying the tone and is True Peak compatible.

Sonnox plugins can also be purchased in non-UAD version (so without the need for dedicated DSPs) on their official website.


5) ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex / Universal Audio

  Ampex ATR 102

An emulation of the original Ampex Corporation 2 track ribbon recorder that appeared in the mid-70s, this tape recorder quickly became a staple in major mastering studios. You can add  a singular and colorful equalizer curve to your master buss. All the sound characteristics of the components (transformers, amplifiers, Repro, Sync, and Input paths) have been reproduced and integrated into the plug-in version. The whole spectrum benefits from bass to treble. You can opt for a subtle or pronounced ribbon saturation.



All active students at Musitechnic have access to these plug-ins inside our studios. Test these five sound processing tools with their pre-configurations (presets) and adapt them to your specific project.

Questions or comments: j.doyon@musitechnic.net

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