We are glad to share with you 25 of the most useful shortcuts in Ableton Live 10 Suite, hoping that they might help you to focus more on the creation than the technical process of using Live

Knowing and assimilating the most useful keyboard shortcuts (on any software) will help you to save a lot of time and therefore increase your productivity. They are essential for anybody working in a professional environment especially dealing with clients during live sessions.

Note : “Ctrl” is “Cmd” on MacOS


1. Z (Zoom to arrangement time selection)


2. Alt+Scrollwheel (Adjust selected tracks



3. Ctrl+I (Insert scene)


4. Ctrl+Shift+I (Capture and insert scene)


5. Ctrl+Shift+M (Insert MIDI Clip)


6. Ctrl+Clic (Arm/Solo multiple tracks)


7. Ctrl+Shift+C (Capture MIDI)


8. Ctrl+T (Insert audio track)


9. Ctrl+Shift+T (Insert MIDI track)


10. Ctrl+Alt+T (Insert return track)


11. Ctrl+E (Split)


12. Ctrl+J (Consolidate)


13. Ctrl+Shift+X (Cut time)


14. Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste time)


15. Ctrl+Shift+D (Duplicate time)


16. Ctrl+Shift+Del (Delete time)


17. Ctrl+M (Edit MIDI map)


18. Shift+Tab or F12 (Toggle clip/device



19. Ctrl+Shift+U (Quantize settings)


20. Shift+Up/Down arrow (Octave

Up/Down for selected notes)


21. Ctrl+3 (Triplet grid)


22. Ctrl+4 (Snap to grid)


23. Ctrl+5 (Fixed grid value)


24. Ctrl+Shift+R (Export Audio/Video…)


25. Ctrl+Shift+E (Export MIDI Clip…)

If you wanted to browse more, our graduate Elliott Sebag has taken the time to gather most of Ableton Live’s shortcuts on his website.

In the meanwhile we wish you a productive session!

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