international students

Learn more about admission requirements and information for international students.


The Ministry of Education offers financial aid for students who do not have sufficient financial resources to follow post-secondary education. This financial aid is paid in the form of Loans and Grants.


You are eligible for the Quebec Loans and Bursaries Program if:

  • You have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident, refugee or protected person status under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

  • You live in Quebec.

  • You have been admitted to an educational establishment recognized by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport or the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology for the award of financial assistance and you are taking full-time recognized studies there or you are deemed to be taking full-time such studies there.

  • You do not have sufficient financial resources to pursue studies

For more information, contact our financial aid advisor:
Karen Richter
(+1) 514 521-2060, Extension 227

Admission Process

Pre-requisites to register
  • As an establishment recognized by the Ministry of Education, the level of eligibility is that of Secondary 5.

  • If Secondary 5 has been obtained in Secondary, the student must wait for 2 sessions before being able to register. And if secondary 5 has been obtained by equivalence (TENS, course for adults) the student can register directly.

  • This measure only applies to Quebec students. Students from other provinces can register directly after obtaining Secondary 5 (or equivalent).

Note : If you do not meet these criteria, contact us to present your course to assess your eligibility.

How to apply for registration?

Contact our admissions manager Alexandre Garceau at admissions@musitechnic.com if you have any questions or concerns.

To register, send the following documents to admissions@musitechnic.com:

  • ID,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Most recent diploma,
  • Most recent transcript,
  • Payment of registration fees ($ 200 non-refundable).

You will only be asked to pay your admission fees if your documents are in order and accepted.


A complete program developed to optimize your learning curve. It is composed of 4 sessions over the course of 16 months with a harmonious relationship between theory & practice.