International Students

Prerequisites to register

Secondary 5 diploma or equivalent:

– France: 1st level or BAC,

– Belgium: 1st level or BAC,

– United States: “High school”.

Have a fluent level in French or English.

To be admitted to follow a program in French or English, you must have sufficient language skills to be comfortable and to make the most of it.

The motivation for the professions and techniques of recording, sound design, and music production.

How to apply for registration?

Contact our admissions manager Alexandre Garceau at admissions@musitechnic.com for answers to your questions or any additional information.

Prior to registration you can submit an admission request via our online form to verify your admissibility.

 To register, send the following documents to admissions@musitechnic.com:

  • Scanned copies of your passport identification page,
  • Copy of your birth certificate,
  • Scanned copy of your most recent diploma,
  • Copy of the most recent transcript,
  • Payment of registration fees (200 CAD non-refundable).

You will only be asked to pay admission fees if your documents are in order and accepted.

Once you have received the acceptance letter, you will be able to start your immigration process.

In order to come and study in Québec as an international student, you will need to obtain:

  •  A C.A.Q. (Québec Acceptance Certificate)

Documents required in order to enter Québec Territory. You can obtain information on the request and processing times on the Immigration Québec site.

  • A Study Permit

Documents required to study in Canada. You can find more information on the process and processing times on the Immigration Canada site.




Write to admissions@musitechnic.com to get the answers to all your questions!


Confirm Your Registration

Once admitted you will receive the admission letter allowing you to begin the immigration process.

Become an Audio Pro!

Expand your knowledge, develop your skills, practice and build your career.

Learn how to become an audio pro in MONTRÉAL




Audio related destination

The abundance of four season festivals in Montreal offers tons of opportunities. The city is home to many internationally recognized live cultural and music festivals. Montreal is also where most of the major video game companies are located. (Ubisoft, Eidos, Warner Brother etc), companies that are hiring very regularly.


At the heart of North America

Montréal is located less than one-hour drive from the USA and about an hour and a half flight from Toronto, New York City or Boston. With its multicultural and often bilingual population it is not uncommon to hear people using two or more languages in the same conversation. If you don’t already know how to speak French, it is the perfect opportunity to learn another language.


The Possibility of Work

For foreign students, your Student Visa will allow you to work here to help pay for your studies. Once graduated you can get a Post Diploma Work Permit for one year to allow you time to integrate into the Canadian professional milieu.

An economic and entrepreneurial dynamic

Jobs and opportunities are waiting for you in Montreal with jobs available for international students.


A City with a low cost of living

Montreal is known for its general low cost of living compared to most major cities. Inexpensive lodgings can be easily found. For example, a 2½ (living room/kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom) can cost as low as $500/month. Being a student town, roommates can be found online costing as low as $250/month for a room.


A City unlike anywhere else in the world

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and second-largest French-speaking city in the world. It is a very safe cosmopolitan and multicultural city with a population of 1,700,000. Two thirds are francophone, one-sixth anglophone and the remainder is made up of mainly Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Creole, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Vietnamese. This dynamic mix of culture leads to some of the best food and restaurants in the world at your fingertips.

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A complete program developed to optimize your learning curve. It is composed of 4 sessions over the course of 16 months with a harmonious relationship between theory & practice.