Each completed musical production represents a small victory and a result of dozens of hours of exploration that finally lead to a concrete final result.

Here is one way to share your work. Sharing usually starts on SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram. If the song receives more positive than negative comments it is an indication that we should perhaps push the project further.

For more visibility we can approach well-established labels. Some labels have hundreds of thousands of fans which can make all the difference, especially when one has international aims.

The question now is simple. How to approach these giants of distribution? Or how to approach the label of your dreams?


The answer is simple… it’s by email. With a brief presentation of your project (artist, solo, duo, band) and a link that leads to your demo. Email addresses that are set up to receive demos are usually posted on the label’s official website or their Facebook page.

Do not be skeptical as most talent recruiters (label-manager or A&R) listen to everything they receive. But they receive a lot every day. Nearly fifty for labels that are popular right now, sometimes even more.

So your demo must and needless to say, stand out. Bring something new, fresh, and very current but be careful. Many talent scouts are sometimes disappointed by the lack of musical coherence between the sound aesthetics (the musical direction) and the demos they receive.


Do not approach a label for its popularity or prestigious catalog. Communicate with the labels that are in the same vein as your project. Those with whom you could form a good working relationship.

And besides, if you respect this simple advice, you will have a better chance to get a call back. That is, the label will respond to your message. Even if it is not to sign a contract, the label may give you advice by telling you to continue to develop your sound or to work in another direction. And not just a title like “label-manager”. When you know the name of the contact person to contact in a label it is always easier to contact him or her other than by email. This “Jamie Russell” you can possibly meet in an event and establish a first contact in person. This can make all the difference.

A bit of advice… Always opt for quality and not quantity. Better to send a demo of 3 well-produced songs than 6 songs still in development. Always make a good first impression.

Good luck!

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