We’re not giving you a free plugin this week but rather a whole bunch of sounds and it’s just as free! I went to find some rare sounds for you because I am deeply convinced that building a beautiful sound bank is just as important as having good plugins.

  • First of all, I’m going to talk about Michael Vilogi who likes to put  lots of samples of drum machines he has at home on his site. All are good quality (usually 96KHz / 24 bits). You can find sounds from TR-707,
    Oberheim DX, Korg Volca Beats, etc. by following this link:

  • For all fans of EDM and I know that there are some among you, here is a free pack of effects specially designed for this style of music (“sweeps”, impacts, “hits”, “stabs” “, Etc.):


  • For acoustic drum purists, SampleScience offers 1 Giga loops all made from real drums and with real drummers. Available in .REX or .WAV:


  • For those who like post-production and want to work with video games or who have interactive projects, Sonnis offers 30 Gigas (yes 30!) of free sounds that you can use in any situation (including commercial usage). The concept is simple. They went to get some sounds in each of their gigantic sound libraries to offer them to us free of charge. So we’ll say thank you and download!


  • For those who would like to expand their percussion sound bank, here is a very simple pack that contains 84 sounds: triangles, shakers through claves and tambourines. The sounds have the advantage of being very clean and well sampled.


Question or comments : m.frisoli@musitechnic.net

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