Interview with Émilie Blaise

We sat down with Émilie Blaise to ask her about her artistic project, including her second album coming out soon and her audio training at Musitechnic.

Alternatively to the video interview, you can read the transcription below. 

Musitechnic: Who are you and where are you from?

ÉmilieI’m Émilie; I’m French. I’m also a musician, my project is called Amy Lyhie and I’ve been in Montreal for two years. 

Musitechnic: Why did you choose Musitechnic ?

ÉmilieI chose Musitechnic because I have people who came to study here and who convinced me that it was a great place with great teachers and I confirm that it is true.

Musitechnic: Can you talk to us about your experience in Montreal, did your integration went well?

Émilie: So Montreal I find very nice in the sense that there is a lot of culture, a lot of cultural mix and a lot of artists. And that’s why I came. I started to do small shows in the city, it was really nice, I met a lot of musicians, especially through the school, and I think I integrated well.

Musitechnic: Your album “I’ll be alright” will be released soon, could you talk to us about your creation process?

ÉmilieYeah, so based on the song sometimes I’ll start with the lyrics, sometimes I’ll start with a bass line or a drum line, whatever, but something musical. And then I work around all that, for example for the lyrics I will first find my top-line and then try to arrange something around it and if I have the music first, I will compose the main part of the music, put my lyrics on it and then I will finish the arrangement with other instruments, little effects and all that. 

Musitechnic: Did you encounter specific challenges?

ÉmilieThe biggest challenge was the COVID, because I was alone in the studio. I had to record myself and be… I had to be the artist and the producer at the same time, so it was a little bit complicated to switch like that. It was complicated to be really in the performance when you have to think about the technique too. But I managed to do it, so…Yeah! 

Musitechnic: How did the choice to go to Musitechnic helped with your album?

ÉmilieI learned a lot of things… In terms of mixing, music composition, theory…How hits work and all that, so it’s a lot of little things that I took and put into practice on the tracks that I had to compose. On top of that, all the equipment we have at our disposal: the premises, the studios, the analog consoles… Things that I hadn’t had the opportunity to get closer to yet. And it really helped me in the production. 

Musitechnic: Would you recommend Musitechnic for an audio career?

ÉmilieYes I would recommend it, because there are very competent teachers, very pedagogical, and I learned a lot of things, so yes I would recommend it.

Musitechnic: What would be your advice for someone who is just starting out (and wants to become professional in audio/music)? 

ÉmilieI think that it’s already to take your time to know your material well, to experiment things, to try to record yourself in different ways and then from that it’s to go, to really give it your all and then really to know your working tools well. 

Musitechnic: Other projects already planned for the future?

ÉmilieYes, nothing launched yet, but there are other projects in sight, notably collaborations… To be continued!

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