On March 27th, 2013, The Association des écoles supérieures d’art de Montréal (ADÉSAM), celebrated its 10-year anniversary at Club Soda!

Founded in 2002, the ADÉSAM is a select network of eight of Art schools in Montréal whose mission is to promote, organize, and maximize the exchange of information, experience, teaching skills and other expertise among its members. In addition to our own school, the other ADÉSAM schools include The École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, L’Institut national de l’image et du son (L’INIS), The National Theatre School of Canada, École nationale de l’humour, Centre NAD, The National Circus School of Montréal, and L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec.

It was a fantastic evening that showcased the incredible work being done by each school. An interesting twist was how each school was introduced by a representative from another ADÉSAM school, a subtle yet powerful way to show solidarity between the schools. From powerful contemporary dance numbers, an entertaining ensemble theatre piece, an intimate ballet  duet, a hilarious stand-up comedy set, an amazing solo performance, intriguing and inspiring profiles of audio pros in the field, a captivating short-film, a mind-blowing juggling act, an awe-inspiring display of strength of elegance in a Hand to Hand number, and a stunning video showcasing various kinds of digital art and animation. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how impressive the evening was and it’s kind of crazy to think that this awesome display of talent is only the tip of the artistic iceberg found in each of these schools.

We are very proud to be members of such an elite group of schools who are all helping to develop the very best artistic talent in found here in Montréal, a city already renowned for its artistic reputation. We are grateful and humbled to be included in such company and we look forward to sharing many more memories, successes, and opportunities for collaboration with our ADÉSAM family.

Long live ADÉSAM!


The Musitechnic Team

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