Day of the Industry 2013 – A Great Success!

Industry Day is a day where we invite companies to come and talk about their new products, new technologies.

We were pleased to host these 6 exhibits at this 2013 Industry Day.
With Roland, Native Instruments, Sennheiser, Propellhead, CEV (AVID products), Numark, Akai

Industry Days are a great opportunity to learn about new products and techniques in the audio industry.

“Do you think it’s fun that Musitechnic organizes discovery days like this?” – interviewer.
Yes of course, because it gives us the chance to see products that we can’t necessarily afford and we can go visit and see how it works, get details directly from the companies’ representatives. ” – Musitechnic student

“What is your highlight of the day? ” – Interviewer.
Roland keyboard, Akai MPC then Native Instruments…. ” – Musitechnic student

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