Audio and musical production training program:

A.C.S. in Recording and Sound Design – 16 months

Program taught only by active industry professionals, with a strong practical focus.
The program is divided into 4 sessions, spread over 16 months.

In parallel to the courses, you will be able to book our 8 studios and have free access to more than 45 free laboratory workstations, from Monday to Saturday throughout your training.

Session I

The first session is dedicated to learning the basics of audio recording, computer-assisted music production and the knowledge needed to build, optimize and operate your digital audio workstation.

The Audio Industry

Audio Recording 101 & 201

Digital Audio Workstation

Introduction to Computer Assisted Music

Session II

The second session puts into practice the notions seen in audio recordings while presenting more advanced concepts & practices. You will also discover the basics of music editing and sound mixing as well as audio post-production for video.

Music Creation 101

Audio Postproduction


Audio Mixing 101


Music Editing

Session III

The third session completes the first two sessions with sound mixing  and music creation courses presenting the more advanced tools and techniques to go even further. Building on the notions acquired in the previous sessions, you will also learn basic music theory and music making techniques to create a fully original production.

It is also in this session that you will learn how to create the different sound elements of a video game and how to integrate them using Audiokinetic’s Wwise audio engine.


Music Creation 201


Audio for Video Game


Audio Mixing 201

Career Management

Session IV

Finally the fourth session comes to put into practice all the techniques assimilated during your training with different projects to be carried out in post-production and music production. It also includes critical listening and career management courses during which you will have to choose between an internship or a final project to stand out from the crowd.

Music Production Project


Postproduction Project

Critical Listening


Career Management: Internship or Final Project

“The Musitechnic curriculum is an excellent basis for entering the audio industry. The courses are given by professionals in the field, all passionate about their speciality, very accessible and open to discussion.”

Axel Poulet

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