Christmas gift ideas for musicians and or sound technicians

Christmas Gift Ideas

– Musicians, sound technicians and other audio professionals –

With the holidays approaching, we wanted to suggest some perfect gift ideas for your loved ones who practice audio related practices.

All prices are expressed in CAD ($), sometimes estimated from USD, at the exchange rate in effect at the time of writing.

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Shure SM58 / SM57

Classics that no longer need to be presented, solid dynamic microphones at an affordable price.

More info: SM58SM57

Price: 139 $ 

Presonus PD-70

Presonus PD-70

Ideal for recording podcasts or voices for streaming.

More info: PD-70

Price: 179 $ 

Slate ML-1 ML-2

Slate ML-2 | ML-1

Virtual microphone system allowing to capture an ultra-linear signal before being able to emulate the profile in different microphones in the software.
*Requires an iLok key

More info: ML-1 | ML-2

Price: 1050 $ (ML-1) | 189 $ (ML-2)

Zoom H6 H4n

Zoom H4n | H6

Ideal for field recording, sound effects, interviews. Or as a recorder for “Dj sets” allowing to capture the audio coming out of the mixer as well as the sound of the room with the crowd and to possibly make an editing between the different sources afterwards.

More info: H4n | H6

Price: 309 $ (H4n) | 499 $ (H6)


Our favorite DAW updates

Studio One 5

Presonus Studio One Pro 5

For its ease of use and powerful features for production as well as for mixing and mastering.

More info: Studio One Pro 5

Price: Starting at 199.99 $ for previous version owners

Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11 Suite

One of the most intuitive DAW available on the market, especially regarding live production and performance. 

More info: Live 11 Suite

Price: Starting at 231 $ for previous version owners

Our top picks for virtual instrument plugins collection:

Arturia V Collection 7

Arturia V Collection 7

To add those vintage synths sounds to your productions.

More info: V Collection 7

Price: 645 $ (Estimated at current exchange rate from USD price)


Spitfire Albion One

Spitfire Albion One

One of the best libraries to bring a more orchestral sound to your productions,.

More info: Albion One

Price: 580 $

Serum synth

Xfer Serum

Unlock access to an infinite number of sounds with this soft synth whose reputation is well established. Also available in rent-to-own via Splice.

More info: Serum

Price: 241 $

Our top picks for audio effect plugins collection:

Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle

Plugin Alliance

Among the big leaders in emulation of analog gear offering some of the best processing tools available on the market. Bundle sub available that will grant you a cashback coupon in addition, equivalent to your yearly investment!

More info: Plugin Alliance

Price: Starting at 12.90 $ / month

Slate Digital All Access Pass

Slate Digital

Among the big leaders in emulation of analog gear offering some of the best processing tools available on the market.
*Requires iLok dongle

More info: Slate Digital – All Access Pass

Price: 12.90 $ / month



Among the big leaders in audio plugins offering -some of- the best processing tools available on the market for surgical/transparent processing, such as the famous Pro-Q.

More info: Fabfilter

Price: Starting at 165$


MOTU M-2 M-4

MOTU M2 | M4

The best conversion specifications among the entry level interfaces.

More info: M-2M-4

Price: 249 $ (M-2) | 319 $ (M-4)

SSL 2 | 2+

SSL 2 | 2+

A nice option for a first interface with a cool coloring option and entering the SSL world.

More info: SSL 2 | SSL 2+

Price: 309.99$ (SSL 2) | 379$ (SSL 2+ )


Presonus Eris E8

Presonus Eris E5 | E8

The Best entry-level speakers at an affordable price tag.

More info: E5 | E8

Price (pair) : 300 $ (E5) | 700 $ (E8)

Adam T8V

Adam T8V

The new Adam TV serie makes their famous near-field monitors available at a lower price tag.

More info: T8V

Price (pair) : 820 $

Focal Shape 65

Focal Shape 65

One of the best options for audiophiles, mix technicians … at this price tag. 

More info: Shape 65

Price (pair) : 2600 $

Quested S8R mkIII

Quested S8R

Serious about mixing and mastering ? This is where you should aim at least.

More info: S8R

Price (pair) : 4262 $

Sennheiser HD-600

Presonus Sceptres S8

Serious about mixing and mastering ? This is where you should aim at least.

More info: S8

Price (pair) : 1760 $

As a reminder, this kind of monitors cannot be fully appreciated without a room of proper dimensions and acoustically treated. 


Beyerdynamic DT 770

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 Ohms)

Closed back headphones, Perfect for recording & mixing technicians.

More info: DT 770 Pro

Price : 235 $

Sennheiser HD-25

Sennheiser HD-25

Perfect for Djs/Producers or set technicians.
Resistant and modular (possibility to replace the different parts if needed).

More info: HD-25

Price : 189.95$

Sennheiser HD-600

Sennheiser HD-600

Open back headphones, Perfect for recording & mixing technicians.

More info: HD-600

Price : 519 $


Korg Minilogue xd

Korg Minilogue xd

The ideal first poly analog synth packed with cool features for an entry-level price tag (for poly analog synths).

More info: Minilogue xd

Price : 899.99 $

Arturia Microfreak Synth

Arturia Microfreak

 A creative gem with amazing features while keeping a small desktop footprint & affordable price tag.

More info: Microfreak

Price : 419.99 $

Behringer TD-3

Behringer TD-3

For musicians and producers into acid music.

More info: TD-3

Price : 204.99$

Novation Bass Station II

Novation Bass Station II

Analog monosynth based on the classic Bass Station but with extended features making it even angrier and more versatile.

More info: Bass Station II

Price : 599 $


  • Cable(s): 

    Make sure that you buy cables with Neutrik connectors. Two brands that we love: HOSA (medium-end), Mogami (high-end), 

  • Mic stand: K&M
  • Pop-filter: K&M
  • Partition stand: K&M
  • “Trackball” type mouse: Kensington
  • External SSD drive: Samsung

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