Student Newsletter

December 2020

A few words for our Director of Studies


A new year is ahead of us and like most people around the world we are preparing for what it looks like a promising 2021.

We must all be ready for changes, large and small, that lie ahead. Musitechnic will continue to be creative in planning and adapting strategies as the situation evolves. The one true thing that matters to us is: our students, teachers and staff’s health and the quality of the learning experience.

A well deserved THANK YOU on behalf of the team to all of you for being part of the solution, for respecting the rules, for your collaboration and for your understanding. This encourages us to keep giving our best during these complex times.

Wishing you all a good vacation, it’s a perfect time to recharge your batteries. We invite you to stay safe during the upcoming holiday season and we look forward to seeing you back in the New year on Monday, January 4, 2021.

Francisco Rendiles
Deputy Director General, Director of Studies


Please note that our facilities will be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd inclusive. Administrative services will not be available during the holidays.

Interactive Platform

EduPage System

Musitechnic has recently introduced a new interactive online teaching system that allows, among other things, to perform theoretical exams and assignments online, facilitating access to study materials and grades in real time.

Students who began their training in November have already been taking advantage of this new teaching system which will be gradually extended to  all other groups.

The teaching methodology will remain in a hybrid form, i.e. we will continue to conduct some face-to-face and some online evaluations. For the on-site evaluations, the school will continue to take all the necessary health measures in these complicated times we are currently living in.

Studio Musitechnic Formation

New Computers

New Mac mini computers will be installed by January 2021 to replace the computers in 4 of the studios and in lab 3.

Musitechnic is committed to training our students and that is why our efforts and reinvestment priorities are directed towards the renewal of our equipment in order to offer quality teaching.

Pro Tools 2020.11 software update
“Dark Mode”

A Pro Tools update was performed at the end of November. The school has invested in the latest version of this software in order to update the new features that will allow us to stay up to date.

We have a dual installation of v2020.11 and v2019.12 on all studio computers to ensure compatibility with your current projects.

Discover the new features

Avid Logo

New Program

Audio for Video Games

Musitechnic has obtained authorization from the Ministry of Education to begin training professionals in the video game audio industry.

The content and structure of the program will target specific skills in this area in greater depth, such as various programming languages and delivery platforms. This will allow a first cohort to start around the fall of 2021.

The objective of the program is to train specialists capable of contributing to this field, while responding to the increasingly pressing demands of the industry.

Wwise Certified School Musitechnic
Learn audio synthesis at Musitechnic

Next courses start dates 2021: Spread the word!

Recording and Sound Design


  • H-21-1 (Februrary – FR)


  • E-21-1 (April – EN)
  • E-21-2 (June – FR)


  • A-21-1 (August – FR)
  • A-21-2 (September – FR) 
  • A-21-3 (October – FR)
  • A-21-4 (October – EN)


Congratulations to the following groups for completing their training : A-19-2, A-19-3 et A-19-4. 
You inspire us!

Covid Information

Montréal continues to be at level 4 –
High Alert

Protective measures at school

Covid prevention

Towards the end of November, the school management implemented new hygiene and protection measures. In addition to the usual disinfection of our studios, we now sterilize them after each use; at noon, 4 pm and 8 pm. Each studio receives 30 minutes of UV irradiation and a sticker is placed on the front door to indicate that the studio is ready for the next occupant. The technical department is responsible for the implementation of these measures.


According to the last update, there is no evidence of community transmission on the Musitechnic campus.



You continue to receive the mandatory online symptom reporting form we
have called: “Daily Attestation”. Before going to school, please check
for symptoms related to Covid-19 and fill out the form before your arrival on

The use of (blue) disposable masks remains mandatory on our premises, as
well as hand washing and disinfection at the school entrance. The distance
between people plays another fundamental role, especially if you go out to
smoke with a colleague and return to our premises.


We continue to protect ourselves!

After discussions with public health officials, Quebec Premier Francois Legault invites us to take a break during the holiday season to break the 2nd wave.


Stay tuned and let us know your suggestions by sending us an email at the following address: