Interview with Jonathan Doyon AKA EEKKOO, composer, DJ, mixer, mastering

Musitechnic is proud of its graduates and teachers who share their passion with our students. This interview combined the two as Jonathan Doyon is a graduate Musitechnic (2002) and he has been teaching courses related to sound creation and composition since 2005 at Musitechnic. In the recent years his career as a composer and DJ was confirmed with an album signed under Mau5trap (Deadmau5’s  Label)


MT : Describe your job :EEKKOO Live
JD : I teach at Musitechnic college but I am also a freelancer. Under contract, I produce and arrange music for other artists as well as mix and mastering. As an artist I regularly publish my own compositions under the alias Eekkoo which gives me the opportunity to be part of a few events here and abroad as a DJ.


MT : Who are your clients ?
JD : Production houses or record labels that need original compositions and composers who need a hand either in musical arrangements or for sound mixing / mastering.


MT : How did you start your career ?
JD : I got hold of some MIDI sequencers when very young and quickly realized I wanted to learn more about recording techniques and sound mixing. So I enrolled at Musitechnic college in 2002 to expand my knowledge. After graduation I worked in post-production and audio visual. I eventually became a freelancer.


MT : Tell us about a turning point in your career ?Capture d’écran 2015-09-14 à 17.30.12
JD : Two turning points did mark my development in this environment. First, my role as a teacher at Musitechnic where I am forced to keep myself updated and it gives me the opportunity to create new professional contacts and as an artist, my first contract with a major label, Mau5trap, allowed me to make my spot in the world of electronic music.


MT : Tell us about a project you’re especially proud of.
JD : Each of my official releases  are trophies unto themselves. It’s a lot of personal investment both timewise and moneywise. It’s rewarding when everything comes to fruition. My most recent EP “Hell is Other People” is currently among the 25 best albums of its kind on the US iTunes Store  2014.
MT : Tell us about a reality of the music domain that surprised you the most.
JD :  Time, waiting and following up; everything is very long. Enough to lose patience! No matter which part the industry, composition, mix or recording, you need to carve a place gradually. There is no shortcut. Be passionate.


MT : What are your favorite tools?
JD : Software Ableton Live and my analog synthesizers. Especially my new Moog Sub 37


MT : Any tips for those who are starting in this industry.
JD : Like I said, you have to be passionate. Never give up and always remain critical of your work. Seize opportunities; certain contracts in the field are not always particularly exciting and motivating but they often lead to something else, something better, stick to your specific area of interest.
MT : Thanks for your time Jonathan.

Elysium By EEKKOO & Casper Whirlin Feat. Sailor & I

EEKKOO enterview.


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