Here’s a free plugin specifically made to make rythm tracks (hip hop of course). It is easy and intuitive to use. The samples are nice and the interface is very easy to understand. You can adjust the “Punch” like the name suggests, gives more dynamics to the sample and “Release” which will have an impact on the length of the sound.

2 Things to know:

  1. The range of samples goes from C1 to A#4.
    • Here’s a list of notes and their values:
    • From C1 to G1 = kicks
    • From G#1 to D2 = snares
    • From D#2 to A2 = claps
    • From A#2 to C#3 = snaps
    • From D3 to G3 = toms
    • From G#3 to C#4 = hi hats
    • From D4 to F#4 = rides
    • From G4 to A#4 = cymbals crash
  2. It’s a multi-out plugin so depending on the daw you’re using, you can set it up to have multiple outs from your plugin to the corresponding tracks in your daw.
    If you’re an Ableton Live user, here’s what to do:

In the first example, you can hear all the samples available in the plugin, one after the other, starting from the kick without any processing.

For the next 2 examples, you can hear what you can do with this plugin.


Audio Examples:


Download link:

Mac and PC Compatible

Formats: VST for PC (32 ou 64 bits), AU and VST for Mac

Questions or Comments:

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