Montreal Ableton User Group’s workshop with Envelop for Live @ Musitechnic.

MAUGmeetup with Envelop for Live! In this workshop, Roddy Lindsay, Co-Founder of Envelop, will show us Envelop for Live, a collection of free, open source spatial audio production tools that work with Ableton Live 10 Suite.

Three-dimensional sound placement enables artists to create immersive mixes for multichannel spaces and headphone-based VR/AR environments, amplifying emotional impact by placing the audience inside the music. About EnvelopEnvelop is a nonprofit that amplifies the connective and expressive power of music through immersive listening experiences. With multiple speakers surrounding the audience, our immersive sound venues and free open source spatial audio tools, provide a space to deeply listen, relax and reset.

Hosting a diversity of events from listening events and performances, to wellness and education, Envelop allows us to be inside the music.

About MAUG:
Montreal Ableton User Group (MAUG) collective’s mission is to make accessible content made, published and shared by the group’s participants as well as the renowned eclectic artist communities of Montreal. MAUG is a common ground where all are welcome regardless of their origins and their artistic and / or professional career in an atmosphere conducive to collaboration all-round English / French combined and all possible derivatives arising from the cosmopolitan aspect of Montreal. Follow them!

Facebook – @MontrealAbletonUserGroupInstagram – @maugmeetupsTwitter – @MAUGmeetups

Missed the event? No worries, you can still watch it:

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