Modular Synthesis, what is it?

Modular synthesis is back in full power. In the last years we have seen more and more companies making modules. From very obscure to mainstream, these modules offers to the users the possibility to create unique modular synths.

With their knobs, faders, switches and patch cables, modular synths are at the same time inviting and very daunting.

Musitechnic’s students had the chance to participate in a workshop by Jacob Watters of Roland Canada.

In the workshop Jacob is explaining the following subject:

  • The modular concept
  • What is an oscillator?
  • What is a Filter?
  • What is an enveloppe?
  • What is CV?
  • What is TRIGGER?
  • What is GATE?

Here is the 1 hour workshop introduction to modular synthesis.

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