10 questions to help you choose the best audio school for you!

Choosing the right msuci production college for your training in audio and music production techniques is not necessarily easy. You need to make sure that you have thought it through and have considered the many options before registering.

It is very important to choose where, with whom and in what context you will study, practice and expand your future network.

We recommend that you contact graduates from the different schools to get their personal perspective on the college and the training being given.

Some questions you need to ask yourself in order to make the best choice:
  • Are the teachers active and up-to-date working professionals in the industry?


  • Are the facilities using quality equipment and are they regularly upgraded?


  • Are the studios and workstations accessible to work on your personal projects?


  • What are the various subjects and aspects of audio that are covered in the program?


  • Does the school offer internships, job offers and extracurricular content (conferences, workshops, field trips, etc.)?


  • Are you comfortable with the language in which the classes are taught ?


  • Does the school offer help to students (tutoring, job placement, counseling & career development assistance, etc.)?


  • Are the teachers and staff are easily accessible?


  • Has the school been around for a long time and what is the value of the degree?


  • Are there any graduates from this school that are recognized in the industry?


  • Is the school is located in a favorable environment ( cultural, low cost of living, short travel time …)?

In order to help further with your research of the best music production college, we offer you this spreadsheet to download free of charge that will allow you to compare your different options.

Just click on the button below to download it, then fill in the information for each of the music production schools that interest you to see which ones best meet your needs.

Download Audio_School_Benchmark_sheet.xls (41,3Kb)
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After reviewing your options, compare the different services offered against the prices of the training programs.

Your audio training is an investment in the future and is by no means a choice to be taken lightly. To be sure that you have covered all the bases we recommend that you visit the facilities and meet at least one representative of the pedagogical team who could answer any remaining questions that you might have.

Want to do more in audio?

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