Musitechnic is happy to announce that we now have a Behringer X32 digital mixing console for our students to work with.

With 32 channels and a built in audio interface, it is very useful for the mixing classes as the students can now do their mixes directly on the console instead of in the DAW. The detailed screen (non-touch sensitive) is a plus and one can work directly from it without having to look at the computer screen.

x32 faders

Behringer X32 faders

One of the interesting things about this console is that it has 25 motorized faders and 8 of them can be used to control a DAW (Pro-Tools, Cubase, etc.). Once it is configured in your DAW and the DAW remote button is activated, it can be used as a controller.

Daw Remote

Behringer X32 Daw Remote


x32 bus faders

Behringer X32 bus faders

The Behringer X32 has a built in effects rack. With its 8 assignable effects channels you can use compressors, limiters, distortion, reverb, delay etc. You can even check out their emulations of classic hardware (Quantec QRS, Universal Audio 1176, Teletronix LA-2A etc.).

 IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1777

Another interesting fact : Behringer has an application for iPhone and iPad that allows you to remote control the console from a distance when doing Live sound (ie. Balancing monitors from the stage).

Behringer X32 iapp Remote

Behringer X32 iapp Remote

The Behringer X32 mixing console is ready to use in the Yellow Studio at Musitechnic.

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