Musitechnic has recently become an Audiokinetic Wwise Certified School and one of our teachers, Michael Correa, is now a Certified Instructor. As a result of this our students can now easily become Wwise 110 Certified.

Musitechnic students learn about audio integration for video games as part of our Audio Production Techniques program. Those who wish to become certified must first pass the 101 Certification online exam. Once they have done that  they can then do their 110 Certification exam with Mike.

Further more those students who have completed their 110 Certification will have a better chance of getting work in the video game industry due to the fact that they have already proven their skills to an Audiokinetic Wwise Certified Trainer.

Consequently being proficient with Wwise is an important asset in the video game industry. Audiokinetic’s audio integration software has been used in popular AAA games such as Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Overwatch and more. You can check out the games that utilize Wwise here.


*** (Video in French)


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