Double the square footage for Double the passion! This summer Musitechnic expands and moves into it’s new location!

Musitechnic has seen a lot of changes over the last 30 years since its inception. With all this experience we’ve been able to witness the palpable and continuous evolution of the audio, music, entertainment, video game and information industries. Musitechnic too is continuing to grow and evolve by recently dedicating 34,000 square feet exclusively to audio and music production at it’s new address in downtown Montreal on 1088 Clark street.


Located in the heart of Chinatown just steps away from the Quartier des Spectacles, 1088 Clark will allow Musitechnic to continue to offer it’s high-level of training with 8 new isolated analogue/digital studios (manufactured in Quebec by Mecart) and 3 new computer labs equipped with 45 digital audio workstations.

The new facilities also include a new auditorium, named “The Musitechnic Hall” which will be active for commercial productions, cultural events and all kinds of music opportunities allowing our students to practice live sound and music performances.

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