Despite the various impacts of the pandemic, we have mobilized our teams in order to minimize the consequences of this situation for our active students as much as possible.
As well as to allow those interested in registering to follow our program starting in the summer/fall of 2020.

And finally, but no less important; to ensure maximum safety and preserve the health of our students as well as teachers, technical and pedagogical teams…

Various hygiene and prevention measures and protocols were adopted from the beginning of March.

For the students:
  • Free distribution of mask if needed,
  • Practical laboratories divided by two in order to establish social distancing,
  • Theoretical courses given online,
  • Various activities organized online to maintain activity during containment (master classes, conferences …)
  • Pedagogical coordinator available on site to provide support and follow-up to the students during this period,
  • Online participation and retakes for students in quarantine or out-of-territory,
  • Implementation of a new online campus, allowing certain – theoretical – exams to be carried out online.
General hygiene and prevention measures COVID-19:
  • Marking on the ground,
  • Social distancing in laboratories (halved),
  • Access to the studios is restricted to one student at a time,
  • Mask must be worn at all times,
  • Multiple hand washing or disinfection points (mandatory upon entry into the facility),
  • Disinfection of facilities and equipment after each time block used,
  • Installation of Plexiglas partitions,
  • Addition of UV filters for ventilation.
We are proud to be effective and proactive in the face of this health crisis.

Especially with the implementation of measures even before governmental/legal announcements & obligations, to which we comply in an extremely rigorous manner.

Your health is our top priority,

The Musitechnic team.

New Musitechnic group

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