Friday May 1rst 2009, Musitechnic with helps from industry’s partners offered a day of workshops, presentations and conferences. It was a great occasion to meet professionals, get updated on technology and new products.

More than a dozen specialists from all around Canada came to present the latest technologies from their respectives companies.

Students could assist the following presentations :

  • Digidesign – M-Audio : ProTools , Sibelius, D-Command and the Venue systems
  • Roland: Sound synthesis workshops on the SH-201, V-Synth GT and VP770
  • Cakewalk: Workshops on music production and post production using Sonar and the V-Studio 700
  • Yamaha & Steinberg: Motif SX, KX8, N-12 mixer from Yamaha and Steinberg’s CC121 controller
  • MXL & Steinberg: MXL’s microphones and the Steinberg’s MR816CSX
  • Apple: iLife suite and Logic
  • AAS: The whole virtual instruments collection based in physical modelling + Musitechnic’s Student Discount!

Want to do more in audio?

Dedicate 16 months to learn and practice the tools and techniques used by industry leaders. 

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