Workshop on composing music for film and video games

general objectives

This course is given in French and will initiate the students to composing music for film and video games. Through out the 15 classes the students will learn about the evolution and history of film music, musical theory (modes, special scales, etc.) as well as how to write music to visual images for film and video games.

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DATES : May 4 to June 21 2016 

Total of 45 hours : 20 hours of lab time et 25 hours of practical training

  • 15 classes of 3 hours each
  • Wednesday night and Saturday morning from May 4 to June 21 2016 
    • Wednesday 18:00 à 21:00
    • Saturday     10:00 à 13:00

teacher : MEDHAT HANBALImedhat-hanbali-compositeur

Composer and arranger for film, television, video games and pop music since 2009.

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Things you will learn in this course

  • The history and evolution of film music
  • Musical theory, techniques of musical arranging and MIDI orchestration
  • Creating specific emotions and sonic universes
  • Studying different styles of music
  • Working to image (analyzing the needs of specific scenes)
  • Composition techniques for interactive music (video games)
  • Industry standards and practical advice for building a career.
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