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More than 30 Years of teaching


Musitechnic graduates have been leaving their mark on the local and international music industry since 1987. Their musical projects stand out from the crowd by the high quality of their skills whether it be judged by competition juries, feedback from music critics or like by the general public.

Artists, musicians and more


Some of our graduates choose to follow the path of music creation and production. They work as performing artists, composers etc. as well as being involved in recording, mixing and producing process.

Stop and take a listen to our Spotify playlist for an example of our graduates talents.« Musitechnic Hall of Fame » in Spotify

Audio Pros


The other avenue is being on the technical team which  surrounds the artist while working in the shadows and helping to make the projects the best they can be. Here are just a few of our grads at work as techs in the music field

Video Games Audio Pros


Post-production, radio and TV Pros

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