Selection of 30 recommended free plugins

Free Music Production Plugins

We are pleased to share with you our list of the best free plugins, compiled by our teachers and technicians.

  1. Softube Saturation knob – link
    A simple yet powerful harmonic saturation tool.
  2. Hofa Collection 4U – link
    A series of effects and utilities to have in your arsenal.
  3. Tal Audiolink
    Togu Audio Line Audio (TAL) offers a range of very nice synths and effects!
  4. Synisterlink
    An open-source, intuitive synthesizer.
  5. Tyrell N6link
    A compact but powerful synth with numerous presets.
  6. Pancake 2link
    A great tool for panning modulations.
  7. Valhall DSP Freq Echo – link
    A versatile effect for subtle choruses to endless glissandos.
  8. Tritik Krush – link
    An effect combining analog emulation and digital features such as sample rate and resolution reduction.
  9. Klanghelm IVGI – link
    Saturation and distortion.
  10. Klanghelm DC1A – link
    Colorful compression.
  11. Klanghelm MJUC jr – link
    Variable-tube Compression.
  12. PSP PianoVerb – link
    Generates reverberation using twelve-string operators with adjustable damping and decay time.
  13. U-He Protoverb – link
    An experimental research reverb.
  14. Brainworx bx_solo – link
    A utility for isolating different signal bands.
  15. Brainworx bx_Subfilter – link
    An effect for managing the intensity of low frequencies. The little brother of bx_Subsynth, it generates sub-harmonic frequencies.
  16. Melda Production MLoudnessAnalyzer – link
    A sound level meter compliant with EBU standard R128 and ITU-R standard BS 1770-3.
  17. Izotope Ozone Imager – link
    A panoramic signal image visualizer.
  18. Izotope Vinyl – link
    A Vinyl LoFi effect emulator.
  19. Boz Digital Labs Panipulator 2 – link
    A monitoring utility.
  20. Boz Digital Labs Bark of Dog – link
    A stereo/M-S low-frequency amplifier that combines a resonant filter and a Pultec-type equalizer in a simple, easy-to-use plug-in.
  21. Voxengo Span – link
    An amplitude-based frequency spectrum viewer (Spectrum meter).
  22. Voxengo Tube Amp – link
    Tube triode-based overdrive.
  23. Flux Stereo Tool – link
    Utility offering channel-based controls for panning.
  24. DMG Audio TrackControl – link
    Utility combining the top and bottom functions of a classic audio console slice (gain, phase…).
  25. Slate Digital Revival – link
    A simple tool for brightening and beefing up weak, muffled sounds.
  26. Waves Factory SK10 – link
    Emulation of a sub-kick mic.
  27. Metric Halo Thump – link
    A sub-harmonic frequency synthesizer and low-end control tool.
  28. Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Nova – link
    A high-quality dynamic equalizer.
  29. Flux BitterSweet v3 – link
    A transient designer.
  30. Mercuriall TSC Tubes Creamer – link
    Classic guitar and bass pedal emulations and more.


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