What’s NEXTALE ?

An online sound bank with a subscription system and new content added every month.

You can find all types of sounds, for all types of projects.
From natural, urban or industrial environments to various sound effects created by our sound designers.

NEXTALE field recording
NEXTALE field recording LAB

What makes NEXTALE different from other sound banks?

  • Growing & modern content: New sounds added every month,
  • Lab : Online interface to pre-listen and do layering tests without even having to download the sounds,
  • Charity : By using NEXTALE you contribute to the financial aid given by NEXTALE Foundation to different humanitarian associations having a field activity related to education and/or ecology to help them realize their projects.

Each year, NEXTALE Foundation gives its donations to a different association. For the launching year, it is the association Comores Horizon which has been selected.

Partnership Musitechnic x NEXTALE Field Recording

Through its partnership with Musitechnic, NEXTALE offers the possibility to students & graduates of Musitechnic to work in real conditions by contributing to the enlargement of the sound bank through recording, sound design, editing and standardization of sound samples.

Offer for Musitechnicians

As a Musitechnic graduate, get a subscription for only 5€ instead of 15€ per month.

Simply select the student plan and upload a copy of your Musitechnic student card (even if expired) to validate the subscription.

NEXTALE Field recording Quality
NEXTALE Field Recording pricing
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