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2015 Graduate – Mention of Excellence

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2015 Fred Sherratt Award recipient

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Current employment:

Musitechnic – Technician (2015)

Selected skills:

  • Sound Design
  • drummer
  • Recording Artist
  • Composition

Course summary:

As an ambitious drummer and composer, Nick set out to make a career out of his passion for music. His curiosity and desire to understand the workings of audio and recording led him to study at Musitechnic.

Not only did Nick excel in his training in recording but he also developed a keen interest for sound design. Nick’s dedication to constantly progressing with his personal recordings & video projects, in addition to his participating in many internships, are what make him stand out.

Today he is thrilled to be working at Musitechnic; being surrounded by motivated, caring coworkers stimulate him to flourish through his passions. Outside of his work hours Nick devotes a prodigious amount of time to practice his drumming and video production as well as striving to take his compositions to another level.

Certifications :

  • Musitechnic
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