There aren’t many free reverb plugins that are actually worth it. There are exceptions and Protoverb is one of them. So I decided to test drive it for you guys this week. Protoverb by u-he. The company has an array of other plugins (Paid/Free) that I’ll surely talk to you guys about it.

Protoverb isn’t capable of doing all the functions we would like, but the functions they do have are really interesting and will be liked by those into experimental music. They are versatile in recreating small and large spaces but what I think makes it unique is its random algorithms.

The Spaces Available in the Drop-down Menu

When you click on the RND button below on the left side, a new algorithm (model or delay) will appear. This can make very original sounds but not for the best at times. (You can contact u-he directly by clicking “Send Code”).

You’ll be happy that there aren’t that many buttons. A button for decay, dry & wet (there are 2 separate buttons for this so you can be more precise in your settings).


Audio Examples:


Download link:

Available for Mac and PC

Formats : VST, AU and AAX

Questions or Comments :

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