Musitechnic Alumni Platform

We are pleased to present our new platform dedicated to our graduates: !

Musitechnic Alumni Platform

The Musitechnic Alumni directory,, is a platform allowing the public to search for artists or audio technicians specialized in the field(s) of your choice in order to contract or employ them for your projects.

Thus you can find a sound designer or integrator for your game project, find a mastering technician to finalize your music projects or discover talented artists to collaborate with!

This platform also allows our graduates to find their long lost classmates, follow their projects and meet other Musitechnicians!

Musitechnic Alumni Platform filters

The dynamic filters allow you to perform a precise search in a simple and fast way and to filter the results according to several criteria such as: Area of expertise, Main skills, DAW mastered, Favorite musical genre, Graduation year…

A classic search field is also present if you wish to enter a name or just a specific keyword.

More recently we have expanded the platform’s functionality by adding the possibility for members to add their main credits. A non-exhaustive directory of projects completed by our graduates is therefore also available.

If you are a Musitechnic graduate but have not received access to the platform yet, contact us and we will send you the information to create your profile.

Want to do more in audio?

Dedicate 16 months to learn and practice the tools and techniques used by industry leaders. 

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