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A  Cult MTL  interview with 2014 Musitechnic graduate Robert Robert.

“I started producing on my computer and my aunt, who had studied music in the Netherlands, taught me a little bit about song structure and music theory — after that I just went on by myself. Later I integrated more external elements when I got access to studio time and more gear” he says, a process he rounded up with studies at Montreal’s Musitechnic school.”

Montreal producer and DJ Robert Robert, born Arthur Robert, is already a familiar name and face to local partygoers and electronic music fans. He’s played Piknic Électronik, Igloofest, Osheaga and a bunch of other festivals and one-off shows and parties around town over the past couple of years. Robert Robert released an LP, Pastel, on Silverstag Records in 2014. Having recently released a new track (a further evolution of his union of electronic, R&B and hip hop), Robert is now busy working on a follow-up EP.

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