AMBEO Orbit by Sennheiser – Free plugin

Note: Ambeo has been replaced by DearVR MICRO, which is based on the exact same code and features the exact same functions.

You can still use the download links below to download the original Ambeo Orbit if you wish so.

DearVR MICRO, just like its AMBEO Orbit predecessor, is a free binaural panning plugin designed by Sennheiser to facilitate mixing immersive binaural content.


The plugin offers flexible and intuitive control over the positioning of mono and stereo sources in the 3D sound field by allowing you to place your sounds from left to right, front to back (Azimuth) as well as from top to bottom (Elevation).


At the bottom of the plugin you’ll find some additional settings to manage the stereo width, the clarity of the signal as well as the ability to emulate binaural room reflections using different room materials. You also have control over the room size and reflection amount. 


 This reverberation system allows you to drastically improve spatial accuracy in comparison to a more classic reverb plugin.


DearVR MICRO is free and available for both Mac & Windows OS in AAX, VST, VST3 and AU formats.
Get it here !

AMBEO Orbit (legacy)

Free Windows Download

Free Mac Download


See the official demo on Sennheiser’s website

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