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Different professions related to audio

Discover life-long, secure and rewarding careers in the dynamic and constantly expanding creative music and audio industries.

With its vision and pioneering experience, Musitechnic Formation offers programs that allow students to discover the different professions in the audio industry and to prepare themselves for a career in the field. Particularly, via multiple internship opportunities allowing to put into practice the different tools and techniques in real time.

Although the main concepts remain the same, each field has its own characteristics that can make the experience different from one profession to another.

Our students and graduates are constantly in demand to help out with all types of employers. Whether it is for an event, studio recording, radio or live performance, there are increasingly more offers. These experiences provide our student and alumni communities with invaluable opportunities to meet people who can lead to future opportunities, but most importantly, the chance to put into practice the knowledge and techniques they have learned. 

See what employers have to say about them:

Over the past few months, several Musitechnic Formation interns have taken part in CIBL’s activities, working on the airing of programs, special events, testing sound equipment and digitizing archives. Every single time, the interns distinguish themselves by their professionalism. Their presence contributes to the success of CIBL through the production and broadcasting of quality material. It is a real pleasure to work with the students of Musitechnic Formation.


Laurence Roy, Executive Asssitant at CIBL.

“A surprise collaboration was born between the Table de Quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and the beautiful team of Musitechnic Formation. It is thanks to your passionate, talented and detail-oriented students that this event was able to take place under the best conditions. Despite the long hours of hard work, daunting challenges, and unpredictable weather, we were able to overcome the obstacles and pull off a neighborhood event worthy of its name. We look forward to our next collaboration.”


Ljupka Mirchovska, Project Manager at LTQHM and organizer of the “Fête de la Famille d’Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Discover various audio-related positions occupied by Musitechnic Formation alumni

Music Production

Some of the most creative and artistic occupations that involve creating music include music production related roles such as:


  • Composer
  • Music Producer
  • “Beatmaker

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Music Production:

Sound Design

Still on the creative side, there are also roles related to the creation of effects and soundscapes for audiovisual or immersive content.


  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Effects Artist
  • Technician in Recording and Editing of Sound Effects

Musitechnic Formation Alumni working in Sound Design:

  • Nathalie Sidaros,  sound designer and mixer @ Salambo Productions (notable credits: “Têtes à claques”,  “Les histoires bizarres du professeur Zarbi”)
  • France Lévesque, sound designer and sound editor @ MELS
  • Henry Jr Godding, sound designer and re-recording mixer @ Groupe TVA
  • Mike Correa, Sound Designer @ Ubisoft Montréal
  • Filipe Da Costa, Sound Designer @ Ubisoft Montréal
  • Félix Thivierge, Sound Designer @ Ubisoft Montréal
  • Emmanuel Racine, Audio Artist @ Bioware
  • Rémy Sealey, Sound Designer @ Audio Z
  • Sébastien Pelland-Sauvé, Technical Audio Designer on Gotham Knights @ WB Games Montreal Inc.
  • Mélanie Frisoli, Artist and “Ableton Live certified trainer”
  • Benoît Dame, sound designer and president @ Exsono

Or via our Sound Design internships, particularly through our partnership with NEXTALE Field Recording, a sound bank founded by Samuel Monceau, a Musitechnic 2016 alumnus, allowing our students and alumni to contribute to the evolution of the sound bank.


Audio Recording

As performance is not everything, let’s now move on to the lesser known professions of Sound Technicians. Starting with audio recording which can be done in multiple contexts.


  • Audio Recording Technician in Studio
  • Boom Operator
  • Sound Technician on Film Sets
  • Sound Technician for Sound Effects
  • Live Performance Recording
  • Additional Dialogue Recording (“ADR”)
  • Broadcast Sound Engineer

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Audio Recording:

  • Marc Girard, Producer, Mixer and Sound Recordist @ Studio Fast Forward
  • Michael Néron, Recording in studio and on stage (notable credits: Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, “Les Francofolies de Montréal”, “Montréal en lumières”, CBC/Radio-Canada, Amérimage, Echo Media, SiriusXM and independent productions)
  • Nicolas Payer, recording sound overlays and foley @ TVA Films
  • Axel Poulet, Sound Recording and Editing for Audio Books and Commercials @ AudioZ
  • Rémy Sealey, Sound Recording and Editing for Audio Books and Commercials @ AudioZ
  • Daniel Fontaine-Begin, Sound Recording for TV (notable credits: “Camera café”, Clash, “Bleu Morpho”, documentaries…)
  • Philippe Palanque, Live Sound Technician and Sound Recordist @ Cavalia
  • Christian St-Germain, Director, Sound Technician and Mixer (notable credits: Lara Fabian, Marie-Élaine Thibert, Marc Hervieux, Michel Sardou, Chimène Badi…)

Audio Editing

Once the performance has been recorded, it must often be edited to optimize the signal according to several factors (industry standards, artistic direction, context…). The following roles can be found in this field:

  • Sound Editor
  • Sound Editor
  • Dialogue Editor for Films or Video Games
  • Audio Book Editor
  • Podcast Editor
  • Audio Cleaning and Restoration Technician

Because of the co-dependency of the various operations and because editing often has a creative role, depending on the project, it is common to find roles that incorporate several specificities.
Thus, audio editing is often involved in Sound Design, Mixing, Post-production for Films or even Sound Integration for Video Games and Immersive Experiences.

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Audio Editing:

  • France Lévesque, Sound Recording and Editing @ MELS
  • Nathalie Sidaros, Sound Designer and Mixer @ Salambo Productions (notable credits: “Têtes à claques”, “Les histoires bizarres du professeur Zarbi”)
  • Jean-Philippe St-Laurent, Sound Editor @ MELS
  • Raynald Nadeau, Sound Editor @ Groupe TVA
  • Dany Rodrigue, Sound Designer and Sound Editor @ MELS
  • Axel Poulet, Sound Recording and Editing for Audio Books and Commercials @ AudioZ
  • Rémy Sealey, Sound Recording and Editing for Audio Books and Commercials @ AudioZ
  • Mathilde Langlois-Bettez, Audio Technician @ Circonflex

Audio Mixing (Music)

Mix St Rouge Musitechnic
Once the different elements have been recorded and edited as needed, it’s time to combine them into a single audio file. This is the mixing stage.

Whether it’s for a piece of music or a movie, mixing is both an art and a complex science, which makes all the difference in the final rendering.

  • Audio Mixer
  • Assistant Mixer

Audio mixing is also involved in Live Sound, Radiodiffusion as well as in Post-production for Films or Integration for Video Games and Immersive Experiences.

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Audio Mixing:


Mastering -
Audio mastering is the last step of an audio project before its release.

The purpose of mastering is to ensure that the mix will be optimized for the various media, as well as to control the project’s quality before it is released.

This is the stage where we may subtly adjust the audio content for optimal balance, add a little more colour if necessary, and optimize the delivery to all the systems and media formats involved.

  • Mastering Technician

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Mastering:


The right sound combined with optimal audio quality promotes immersion and supports the storytelling in a very important way.

In order to achieve an ideal end result, it is necessary to ensure the best possible quality at all stages, whether it is: synchronization of sound to image, editing or mixing of sounds.


  • Assistant Sound Editor
  • Sound Editor
  • Audio Director (Audio Lead)

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Audio Post-production for Videos:


Wwise Certified School Musitechnic
Integrating sound into video games and interactive immersive experiences is fundamentally different from traditional film synchronization. Specific software such as Audiokinetic’s Wwise is required to meet the different needs of the production.


  • Game Audio Integrator
  • Audio Integrator for Immersive Experiences
  • Audio Director (Audio Lead)

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Audio for Video Games and Immersive Experiences:

Live Sound

When it comes to live performance, it is essential to ensure the proper configuration and operation of technical installations, allowing for the amplification and diffusion of sound, not only in a qualitative manner, but especially in order to enhance the performance and the emotions that flow from it (while preserving the hearing of the artists as well as the audience!). It is a rather rhythmic field.


  • Assistant set-up / Dismantling
  • Audio / Sound Technician
  • Monitor mixer / Monitor Technician
  • Audio Console Operator

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Live Sound:

Internships with our numerous partners such as Pouzza Fest, Santa Teresa…


The field of broadcasting is quite dynamic and has its own specificities for live broadcasting, especially in radio, television and streaming.


  • Radio (Control) Technician
  • Radio Broadcast Technician
  • Audio Technician for Live and Pre-recorded Webcasting Projects

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Broadcasting:

  • Michael Néron, Radio Technical Director and Audio Post-Production @ CBC/Radio Canada
  • Frederic Villeneuve, Sound Technician @ RDS
  • Jean Zachary Abad, Broadcaster @ CIBL
  • Joannie Henry, Production and Programming Manager @ QUB Radio

Internships with our many partners such as CIBL.


Audio Acoustics Careers

Acoustics is omnipresent in our lives, involving many professions in this vast field. Whether it is to reduce sound nuisance (echoes of conversations in a restaurant, sound insulation of a car while maintaining the best possible sound for music) or to improve the quality of sound transmission in different rooms and contexts (Theaters, Cinemas, Clubs, Studios…), these branches give rise to exciting projects mixing science, physics and mathematics with architecture, aesthetics and sensibility.


  • Acoustics Technician

Musitechnic Formation alumni working in Acoustics:

  • Julia Bores, Technical Support Coordinator and Monitoring @ Soft dB
  • Myriam McSween, Acoustics and Environment Technician@ Soft dB
  • Jim Garcia, Acoustics Consultation Technician @ Soft dB
  • William Bouchard, Acoustics Technician@ Soft dB
  • Pierre-Olivier Bonneterre, Acoustics Technician @ Soft dB
  • Felix Trahan, Acoustics Technician @ Soft dB
  • Pierre Blanchet, Noise Control Technician @Ville de Montréal

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Musitechnic Formation alumni working in the Audio Industry:

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