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Musitechnic offers the possibility to companies and individuals to propose internship projects to our active and graduate students.


Internships can be paid or unpaid.
If an internship is unpaid, it must provide visibility for the student and the school (displayed credits, project to be included in the portfolio…).


You must submit your internship project via our dedicated form.
The presentation should also include the benefits to the student(s) and the school.


Types of internships


On set Sound recording & post-production

Audio recording on set and editing of audio takes for ahigh quality and original result. 


Sound Design & Synchronization

Sound design of effects, atmospheres and music for a video, with editing and synchronization for optimal integration. 


Musical production

Composition and realization of original music of various genres for artists or institutions. 


Live sound technician

Assembly / disassembly, audio mixing and recording on live events.

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