A.C.S. – Sound Techniques for Video Game and Film

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  The video game industry has become a major player in the entertainment industry. Audio is an integral part of the gaming experience. Creating quality audio for video games requires complex sound design and the capacity to respond to the growing expectations of players. From recording sounds effects, ambiances, dialogues, designing soundscapes up to giving life to monsters and impossible vehicles, audio has an enormous part to play in bringing emotion to the gaming experience. It is not just about sound design but also about telling stories. The magic happens at the audio integration stage. Using an audio engine (like WWISE from Audio kinetic), the sound artist and audio integrator set all the parameters of interactivity for all the sounds and gives life to the game to create the best possible gameplay experience.



Our Attestation of Collegial Studies is a diploma recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Superior Education. Upon graduation, you will have learned all the aspects of sound recording, audio editing, music production, mixing, and audio integration for video game and film. 

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Our Graduates have worked on projects such as:

Session I

The first session is dedicated to learning the basics of audio recording, computer-assisted sound design and the knowledge needed to build, optimize and operate your digital audio workstation.

The Audio Industry

Sound Recording

Digital Audio Workstation

Introduction to Computer Assisted Music

Learn audio production at Musitechnic

Musitechnic taught me the exact skills I was looking for. Without the technical skills I learned during that year I would have never been able to continue to work on music the way I am today. The connections I made both with other students and teachers continues to help me today. I had a great time at Musitechnic and am very happy I took the time and money to spend a year expanding my knowledge of audio.”

Artsy Thinner

Session II

The second session puts into practice the notions seen in session I while presenting more advanced concepts of sound design. You will also discover the basics of audio editing, sound mixing, audio post-production for video as well as audio for video game

Sound Design

Audio Post-production


Audio for video game I

Audio Mix I


Audio Editing

The third session completes the first two sessions with critical listening and audio mixing for films (surround) courses presenting the more advanced tools and techniques. Building on the notions acquired in the previous sessions, you will also learn to create audio environments and go deeper in the integration of audio into video games. The career management course will prepare you for work : resume, portofolio, professional online presence and more.

Session III

Audio Mix for Film


Audio Environments


Audio for Video Games II

Career Management

Session IV

Finally in the fourth session you will put into practice all the techniques assimilated during the year with different projects to be carried out in post-production and audio for video games. It also includes career management meetings during which you will have to choose between an end-of-year project or an internship to stand out from the crowd.

Video Game Project


Post-production Project


Career Management, Project, Internship

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