A.C.S. in Sound Techniques for Video Games and Films – 16 months

Musitechnic Formation, in the age of the metaverse

Master the innovative technologies of immersive audio!

Step up your game by expanding your skill set with state-of-the-art, next-generation tools with our hands-on focused training.

Get ahead of the competition in this audio industry revolution by acquiring skill sets that will allow you to:
Sound techniques for video games and films

Access to studios

In parallel to the courses, you will be able to book our 9 studios and have free access to more than 45 lab workstations, from Mondays to Saturdays throughout the years.

Degree training

Our Attestation of Collegial Studies is a degree recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

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The future of the audio industry is at Musitechnic Formation, don’t miss the train, join us now! 

New technologies are changing the way people experience virtual and physical environments, from observation to immersion. And by the same token, the way artists and technicians create and use these new tools and techniques.

The Internet 3.0 is at our doorstep and implies many (r)evolutions.

Needless to say, sound is no exception! 

Take advantage of 16 months to learn and practice the techniques and applications of audio engineering and immersive music production. For example, you will be introduced to ambisonic and binaural audio, virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), and more.

Learn how to create and refine immersive audio-visual content starting with music production in innovative formats to design, mixing and dynamic sound integration.

Musitechnic Formation is an Audiokinetic Wwise certified institution.

A.C.S. in Sound Techniques for Video Games and Films

16-month program | 4 Sessions | Internships

Session I

The first session is dedicated to learning the basics of audio recording, computer music production and the knowledge needed to set up, optimize and operate your digital audio workstation.

The audio industry for video games and films

Sound recording 101

Audio recording for video games and films

Digital audio workstation

Introduction to computer assisted music

Session II

The second session puts into practice the notions seen in audio recording while presenting more advanced concepts and practices. Discover the basics of music editing and sound mixing as well as audio post-production for film and video games.

Sound design

Audio post-production

Audio mix I


Audio for video games I


Audio editing

Session III

The third session complements the first two sessions with courses in audio mixing for movies (surround) featuring more advanced tools and techniques. Building on the concepts learned in the previous sessions, you will now learn how to create audio environments and further integrate audio into video games.

The Career Management course helps you optimize the development of your career path by maximizing your online presence, having a strong CV & Portfolio etc.

Audio mix for film


Audio environments


Audio for video games II

Career management

Session IV

During the fourth session, you will put into practice all the techniques you have learned during the program through various projects in post-production and video game audio. The last session includes career management meetings during which you must choose between an end-of-year project or an internship to make your mark.

Video game project


Post-production project


Career management: project or internship

Create for the Metaverse within the Metaverse !

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Learn audio production at Musitechnic

A great atmosphere with passionate teachers who know what they are talking about. A good infrastructure with the equipment that goes with it. Technicians who are always there to solve any technical problems and answer questions.

A great school that makes us leave with an AEC and tons of information to help us start in the industry.

Lastly, the school will not let you down when you graduate. Alumni still have access to job offers, they can still participate in internships 4 months after graduation, professors can give feedback at any time… 

Eliott Prissette

Our alumni have worked on projects such as:

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