Vallhalla DSP is known for their pretty cool reverb plugins notably the VintageVerb which only costs around 50$. The FreqEcho is more awesome because it’s FREE! Let me insist a bit more, it’s really really really awesome. For those of you who like delays and like to experiment, this one’s for you.

This plugin is a frequency shifter doubled with an analog type echo. That’s pretty much it! You can fine tune with some parameters if you wish.

The added controls on the feedback (Low Cut & High Cut) will let you modify the repetitions of the delay. Also you can choose your output to be mono or stereo as well as synchronize the effect to your project.

So play around with the Delay button and you’ll have some happy surprises along the way.

The aesthetics of the plugin is well done (not that it should judge your usage of it) and it is really easy to use. When you hover around the parameters, you’ll be greeted with informations to guide you to use the functions. It’s hard to not like!

Download link:

Available for Mac and PC

Format: VST

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