Why choose Musitechnic ?

A quality education

A comprehensive program developed to optimize your learning curve. Composed of 4 quarterly sessions using a harmonious relationship between theory & practice. This program will allow you to learn and master todays modern audio techniques.

INSTRUCTORS from the audio industry

Musitechnic is rich with it’s team of teachers who are active, passionate and recognized audio professional. Always up to date with the new technilogy. They will guide you through your year with the experience they have accumulated over the years of working in those domains.

Free access to the studios

Outside of class hours, you’ll have free access to the workstations in labs and the possibility to reserve our 9 studios for your personnal projects.

We respect both the technical & practical aspects of training,
Installations on the cutting edge of technology

More than half of the hours in school are spent learning the practical side of the industry in pur modern facilities.

We make it a priority to keep the technical facilities that are available to students up to date with the latest hardware and software.

Community & Network

Musitechnic is a place where you make connections and friends that will last a lifetime and become your future network. We have graduates working in all aspects of the audio industry both in Montreal and around the world.


  • Courses & downloadable support document
  • Studio Reservations & schedules
  • Musitechnic technical conference video tutorial recordings available
  • Shop with discount from our partners and much more.




To support creation, development as well as the Professional insertion of it’s students & graduates, Musitechnic offers differents solutions.

Find more about the ” Fond d’Aides Musitechnic”


Enjoy the unique environment of this student city with it’s economic and entrepreneurial dynamics. Living in Montreal costs less than most major Canadian and American cities.

A Team that really cares

The Musitechnic team is made up of passionate audio and music enthusiasts who do their utmost to offer you and outstanding training. You will be supported throughout the year by a team that takes your success to heart.

Musitechnic is one big family !

Our Teachers

Dan Smith
Dan Smith
Jonathan Doyon
Jonathan Doyon
Karim Blondy
Karim Blondy
Sonny Black
Sonny Black
Christian St-Germain
Christian St-Germain